ClearPDX offers office-based treatment for dependence on opiates or narcotics, in a discrete practice setting. This type of treatment is ideal for motivated patients looking for private, individual treatment with an experienced physician, without the constraints and inconvenience of an intensive outpatient or inpatient detox program. This type of treatment also helps maintain privacy for patients who are looking to remain as discrete as possible.

ClearPDX's goal is to help you find your own path to recovery. Each patient is seen initially for 50 minutes to determine their specific circumstances and needs, and a tailored treatment plan is developed in conjunction with the patient. Once the patient is stable on their treatment plan, a path to complete recovery will be charted, and treatment will continue based on ongoing monthly half-hour sessions. The duration of treatment will vary from patient to patient depending on their circumstances and motivation, but most patients require treatment for several months to a couple years.

Office based therapy is not an ideal choice for everybody. Office based therapy is not a good choice for patients who require more intensive drug detoxification or more comprehensive supervision.

ClearPDX utilizes buprenorphine formations to help maintain sobriety. Buprenorphine is excellent for managing cravings for and dependence on opiates or narcotics. The dosing and scheduling of this medication will be tailored to each individual and is part of the treatment plan. ClearPDX does not prescribe methadone, and does not prescribe buprenorphine for pain control.

ClearPDX does not provide specific drug counseling except as provided in discussions with your physician. We recommend that all patients attempting recovery seek out other support measures including group therapy or support groups. These elements are equally important factors in your successful recovery.