Are you suffering from narcotic addiction? ClearPDX can help. We offer office-based, medication assisted drug treatment. We emphasize a patient centered approach and will work with you to find a path to recovery and a return to normalcy. We utilize buprenorphine formulations such as Suboxone™ and Subutex™ to treat our patients in a safe and effective manner.


Office Based Opioid Treatment

Office Based Opioid Treatment is a method of managing narcotic addiction via office visits using buprenorphine as opposed to an inpatient detox facility.


Buprenorphine is an opioid medication clinically proven to help suppress the symptoms of narcotic addiction. It is a safer alternative in multiple ways.

Dr. Samuel Kim

Dr. Samuel Kim, MD, is a board certified physician that has been practicing in the Portland, Oregon area for over 12 years